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Trust over everything

✓ Building and managing a team of >6

✓ Recruiting, hiring, and negotiating

✓ Managing multiple agencies

✓ Managing designers, strategists, and writers

✓ Directing a team of freelancers

✓ Writing and delivering performance reviews

But most importantly, building…


I believe that trust is the foundation of all the best creative work—that great ideas, team culture, and quality execution are a product of good conditions. Trust leads to transparency, a shared sense of ownership, and ultimately the motivation and collaborative nature to do great work together. Whether your building an app from scratch or a global marketing campaign, it takes a village, and we all know communities work better when everyone trusts their neighbor.


I manage with multiple creative agencies including teams of senior staff located across the country, who are experts in their craft. I trust them to do their best, and in turn, do my best to empower their teams, lead with empathy, and push the work to be the best it can be.


I lead the creative strategy discipline, hiring across the studio, and directly managed a team of six experienced strategists spanning brand, digital product, research, UX design, and creative strategy.

After joining the company as one of the first strategists, I helped grow the strategy workstream into one of Instrument’s core offerings. My vision was to encourage new ways of approaching the role of strategy in the design and technology planning process—unbound by traditional notions of planning and embracing hybrid creativity.


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