This is the coolest company you’ve never heard of — PATH is a global public health organization dedicated to equity and innovation. They invent vaccines, revolutionize sexual and reproductive health, are consultants to the major world organizations, and generally solve the world’s health problems at their core.

While working at Instrument, I lead the creation of a new brand positioning and manifesto in close partnership with PATH’s CMO and CEO, a holistic global rollout strategy, and directed a short film to bring it all to life.

As you can tell, explaining what PATH does is hard. It was a challenge for them for many years, but we cracked it. We interviewed PATH leaders from all over the world and dug deep into the soul of this incredible organization to find and simply express this company’s reason for being in the form of a brand vision, framework, guidelines book, and the video you see here.

These components were underpinned by a new logo carefully crafted by Manual SF, and a complete new website and CMS overhaul by our team at Instrument.

This project was a massive collaboration and one of the deepest client partnerships I’ve helped facilitate. Everyone is very proud of this work and holds it as a success close to their heart.

Later, PATH’s CMO, myself, and my fellow Instrument team leaders were invited to speak about this ground-breaking project at the 2018 Seattle Interactive Conference.

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